The Team Jon

Jon Massey

Deep Sea (worldwide) Manager / Air Freight (worldwide) Manager

Jon has over 30 years of experience in freighting and specialises in the long haul sector, including deep sea, air freight, personal effects, project shipping and documentation.

Jon is our illustrious leader and we love him in the same way that a child loves a father on pocket-money day.

Around the office Jon is renowned for "letting there be light" and communicating via burning bushes.

He claims to have 30 years' experience in the freight business. We are sure he was Johnny Weissmuller until he retired in 1976, so by our maths that makes him 95. Some say Jon is actually The Stig and others say he drinks undiluted water, neat! We're saying nothing until our lawyer gets here.

A keen golfer, he even has his own set of bats. Jon likes nothing better than a few hours bruising the poor defenceless cows who dare to cross his path around the Stinchcombe course.

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