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Many businesses do not have the required in-house resources to transport their goods from point A to point B. This is where a professional freight forwarding company steps in to give a helping hand in whatever way possible. Freight forwarding services such as ours can ensure the safe transportation of your goods. We can make a guarantee to provide you with an outstanding service, whether you want a simple envelope delivered or the contents of your living room shipped overseas. Read on to find out how freight forwarding can benefit you today.

Access to global networks

Professional freight forwarders develop a range of global networks that ensure they can transport goods to whatever destination the customer wants. The relationships can include anyone from carriers, warehouse operators and ground handlers to other freight forwarders and customs or financial brokers. High-quality accountability for the products we deliver ensures that a professional level of service is achieved at all times, so you need not worry about the status of your items in transit!


Freight forwarders will be there every step of the way to handle all the necessary paperwork and documentation involved in the process. Inaccurate or incomplete documentation can result in lengthy, tedious delays, and banks will have no problem putting the transaction of your funds on hold. Freight forwarders are here to ensure that all relevant paperwork is truly immaculate, taking care of any necessary documentation and delivering your cargo following all the correct legal procedures.


The most significant yet underrated benefit of hiring a freight forwarder is that we can offer a fantastic level of care and security when handling your cargo. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that your product is being reliably handled, despite being shipped worldwide in a variety of forms. As freight forwarders, we have the proper equipment, tools, and compartments to properly organise and ship anything you can imagine. And remember – we love a challenge!

Fragile items are kept with care and consideration under our service, so you needn’t worry if there is something you want shipped that is especially valuable and prone to breakage. Any special safety packaging that is required for your item will be used too.

Cost and Experience

At Gloucester Freight we have over 30 years of experience and knowledge, which allow us to keep your costs down by using indirect or consolidated services (groupage), letting you ‘share’ the load of a shipping container. In this way we can properly leverage volume to reduce the potential cost. We can utilise economies of scale to negotiate improved rates with our shippers due to the enormous amount of volume attributed to the containers that are involved in the process. A single customer will rarely secure the bulky, large spaces available within cargo ships, so these discounts on pricing are only available if you choose to deal with a professional freight forwarder.

In addition, our experience in the industry means we can offer insurance for your goods at competitive rates, plus expert advice about documentation if required, including shipping documents, Letter of Credit, and customs formalities. Experience also means that you can expect a personalised service from day one, with a named expert dealing with everything associated with your delivery, from beginning to end.


Gloucester Freight are your local route to a worldwide distribution network.  We work with businesses in and around Gloucester, servicing their freight forwarding around the world.  If you’d like some more information about how we can help you, be it air freight, sea freight or road haulage, take a look at our website or give us a call on 01452 729 915 – we be happy to help!

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