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With over 30 years of experience, at Gloucester Freight we are confident we can source the right kind of worldwide sea freight for you, including full containers, part containers, roll on/roll off and conventional. Our experience and knowledge allow us to keep your costs down by using indirect or consolidated services (groupage), letting you ‘share’ the load of a shipping container. In addition, we can offer insurance for your goods at competitive rates plus expert advice about documentation if required, including shipping documents, Letter of Credit, and customs formalities. Still not convinced? Here are the top five greatest advantages to shipping your cargo this way.


The deep-sea shipping industry offers the greatest competitive freight costs to its shippers, especially across vast distances. For comparison, there are some estimates which show that freight shipping in this way is generally considered as much as 4-6 times less expensive than using air.


Whatever the size of your shipment happens to be, using deep sea freighting typically guarantees that you will have enough room. Smaller sized shipments can be grouped with other cargo in order to fill a shipping container, which means we can keep costs down by cost-sharing transportation. Larger sized cargo can fill at least one or more of the shipping containers, subsequently offering shippers unmatched options for bulk. Vessels are designed to transport higher volumes of cargo and so they are an ideal method of transportation.

Bulky, heavy, and oversized cargo capabilities

Shipping via the ocean presents us with fantastic abilities to handle bulky, heavy, or oversized cargo. Examples of such cargo could include equipment, large vehicles, or construction materials. Often this type of cargo and be too large or heavy for air freighting methods to work efficiently, but with shipping it is not a problem.

Safe shipping

Ships are purposefully designed to carry dangerous cargo and hazardous materials safely. This industry is thankfully well-versed in the handling of these goods and has put regulations in place to ensure as much as they possibly can the safety of the cargo, environment, crew, and vessel. Cargo loss that can be caused by incidents during the course of transportation is consistently dropping as the safety of maritime measures increases, and has continued to drop significantly within the past decade. Containers are also designed to be locked and sealed during the transportation process for additional security.


When compared to shipping via ocean methods, air and other forms of transportation have a far higher carbon footprint, which is a serious disadvantage for the environment. Shipping provides the most carbon-efficient form of transportation and also produces fewer grams of exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo that is transported than any other shipping method. As technology advances, these low emissions will continue to trend downward.

Gloucester Freight are your local route to a worldwide distribution network.  We work with businesses in and around Gloucester, servicing their freight forwarding around the world. As you might imagine, we’ve learnt a lot during that time. As a client, you want to know that you can trust us to get the job done professionally and with as little fuss as possible, whether we are delivering a parcel somewhere in the UK or transporting a container around the world. If you would like some more information about how we can help you, be it air freight, sea freight or road haulage, take a look at our website or give us a call on 01452 729 915 – we be happy to help! Please get in touch today to discuss your freighting needs and we will be happy to provide a free estimate of our charges.

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