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Why air freight is so effective and the types of goods usually shipped via air freight

Air freight is a mode of transport that’s commonly used for shipping goods that are time-sensitive, valuable or perishable, as well as goods that require high levels of security. When shipping by air freight, the goods are typically packed into containers or pallets which are then loaded onto the aircraft. The aircraft then flies to the destination airport, where goods are unloaded and transported to their final location. There are various benefits to shipping goods this way and they will be looked at within this blog, as well as the type of goods that are commonly selected for air freight transportation.


Why air freight is so effective

1. Speed – This is the fastest mode of transport for long-distance shipments, which makes it extremely ideal for time-sensitive goods that need to be delivered quickly. Especially when it comes to shipping goods from one country to another.
2. Reliability – Airlines have established schedules and routes, meaning that air freight is generally far more reliable than other modes of transport. This is because it’s rarely effected by weather conditions, there’s no traffic congestion like there is on the roads and overall a lot less external disruption which will negatively impact upon the arrival time of the goods.
3. Security – At airports there’s strict security measures that are consistently put in place to prevent unauthorised access to goods and ensure the safety of the cargo. This means that you don’t have to worry yourself over foul play interfering with high-risk goods due to the excellent standard of security.
4. Accessibility – Airports are located in major cities all over the world, with each country having numerous airports meaning they are bound to be close to the intended destination of your goods. They are usually situated in areas where they’re connected to an extensive network of transportation modes for the final leg of the shipped goods journey, including roads, railways, and sea ports. This obviously makes it very easy to transport goods to and from airports all over the globe.
5. Efficiency – Air freight can handle large volumes of cargo all at once, this can make it far more efficient than other modes of transport for certain types of goods. A lorry can only handle so much whereas a large aircraft can withhold far more items and enable businesses to access economies of scale on a greater level. This in-turn will not only reduce the cost of goods but also lower transportation costs and improving supply chain efficiency, benefitting the cash flow for the purchasing business.

The type of goods that are commonly shipped via air freight

1. Perishable goods: such as fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and seafood.
2. Pharmaceuticals: including vaccines, medicines, and medical equipment.
3. Electronic items: like computer parts, smartphones, and other modern gadgets.
4. High-value goods: such as jewellery, expensive furniture, artwork, and luxury items.
5. Automotive parts: like engines, transmissions, and even cars themselves.
6. Fashion items: including large orders of clothes, shoes, and accessories.
7. Aerospace parts: like aircraft engines, avionics, and other complex components.
8. Industrial equipment: such as heavy machinery, parts, and supplies for all sorts of industries.
9. Time-sensitive goods: like urgent and secretive documents, prototypes, and exclusive samples.
10. Dangerous goods: including chemicals, explosives, and other hazardous materials that should be handled with care.

Overall, air freight is an extremely effective mode of transport for businesses that need to ship goods quickly, efficiently, securely, and reliably over long distances on a regular basis. This means that it’s perfect for a whole range of businesses, for example, those companies who deal with very expensive goods that often make their way to foreign markets or pharmaceutical companies who need to ship vaccines or medicines to various different countries. If you would like to ship your goods via air freight, then please do get in touch with us here at Gloucester Freight because we are expert professionals in this field and can help you with all your shipping queries.

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