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It’s safe to say that at Gloucester Freight we are up for most shipping challenges set to us by our customers. The weirder and more wonderful the better! However, we think even these would have us a bit flummoxed!

  1. Scorpions

It was reported in a magazine from the 1890s that a collection of live scorpions was examined by postal staff after they were transferred to the Returned Mail Office.

  1. People
    In 1909 two suffragettes sent themselves directly to 10 Downing Street via the Royal Mail’s same-day courier service. Apparently, they wanted to deliver their message personally to the Prime Minister.
    A few years later in 1913, a couple from Ohio tried to avoid expensive train fares by posting their child!

  1. Body Parts
    The actor Jared Lato once reported that he’d been sent a severed ear by one fan. He posted a picture to his Instagram account in response to the note that was sent with it reading “are you listening?”

  1. A Brick
    This is technically still legal. If you were so inclined you could pop an address on a brick, a stamp and hand it in to your local post office. However, we can’t guarantee you won’t get some strange looks!


  1. A leaf
    Friends David Bramwell and David Robinson spent a year sending each other bizarre packages. Successful packages included a leaf, a flip flop and a pair of underwear.

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