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How much do you really know about freight forwarding? Here we delve into ten freight forwarding facts that we feel are worth knowing, particularly if you choose to ship with us here at Gloucester Freight. Read on to find out more!

  1. Freight forwarders can massively help businesses

As freight forwarders we can assist your business in all aspects of logistics and personal shipping requirements while also ensuring that shipments arrive on time with as little fuss as possible. Freight forwarders like ours are an end-to-end business support system that use years of expertise to determine the correct routes, most ideal shipping partners and prices for your needs.


  1. Offer multiple services

Freight forwarders can offer a multitude of services. At Gloucester Freight our services include European, UK and Deep Sea (Worldwide) shipping, alongside Air Freight (Worldwide) and Personal Effects shipping!


  1. Alleviate logistical stress

Using freight forwarding companies means that you are able to alleviate any stress surrounding the import and export of your goods, especially if you require international shipping. By utilising a freight forwarder you can rely on their expertise to properly ensure that all goods will arrive on the time agreed alongside any assistance with documentation and customs clearances.


  1. Freight forwarders are not to blame for the delay in shipping

When a delay in shipping arises it is usually not in the hands of the freight forwarders. Shipping delays typically occur because of poor weather conditions, breakdown of vessels, port delays and any route changes that are unforeseen. The freight forwarder in this situation is trying to resolve any issue at their end to make sure your goods reach their final destination in a manner that is timely.


  1. They abide by strict rules and regulations

When shipping internationally there is a strict protocol that all freight forwarders must adhere to. Most of these regulations surround the import/export of dangerous or perishable goods, drugs and alcohol or batteries.


  1. They love a challenge!

Here at Gloucester Freight we just love a challenge when it comes to helping our customers move the most obscure packages to some of the remotest parts of the world. Whether it's sourcing the best way to transport a wind farm from Denmark to Tasmania or a classic Messerschmitt car crated and shipped to Norway, Gloucester Freight Services is up to the task!


  1. Freight forwarders have to deal with lots of documentation

Because freight forwarders are often handling the cargo of multiple clients on an ongoing basis, they are fantastic experts in filling out and completing any specific documentation linked to the import or export of your goods. These documents can include things like shippers’ export declaration, inspection certificates, or commercial invoices.


  1. Logistical speed has improved over time

Many global traders might be hesitant to use freight forwarding across the ocean because of the long time spans involved, but freight forwarders have worked incredibly hard to maximally improve the speed of their travel across vast distances.


  1. The strength of a freight forwarding network is vital

Well-established freight forwarders will have a reliably strong network of contacts that will assist them in their logistical needs. Luckily for you, Gloucester Freight are a family-run firm with who have been in the business for over 30 years!


  1. Shipping via freight is cost-effective

Transporting your goods via freight forwarding can be a cheaper solution when compared to other methods of transportation. Costs in shipping will typically depend on the overall size, quantity, and destination of the cargo.


Gloucester Freight are your local route to a worldwide distribution network.  We work with businesses in and around Gloucester, servicing their freight forwarding around the world.  If you’d like some more information about how we can help you, be it air freight, sea freight or road haulage, take a look at our website or give us a call on 01452 729 915 – we be happy to help!

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