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Gloucestershire is home to many brilliant creatives working in all aspects of art. One talented local artist we have had many dealings with over the years is Ed of Swarez Art.

Ed is a self-taught artist who has built his own studio in Stroud and specialises in one off original paintings. Each is lovingly crafted, exquisitely detailed and filled with what Ed describes as “an honesty rarely seen in today’s disposable marketplace.” These are true originals; they are never replicated and no prints are made.

Commissions come in from across the globe. Ed prides himself on delivering by hand all commissions in the UK. He has also sent paintings to over 42 countries and that is where Gloucester Freight comes in.

Ed has recently posted a fascinating video on YouTube which you can watch here:

The video shows Ed securely packing a 3m long by 1.1m tall piece of artwork for shipping out to Texas. He then carefully loads it into his van and delivers it to our depot. We then help pack the artwork into a custom made crate.
The crate has enough space all around and supporting cross bars to allow the painting to be suspended rather than sat on the bottom of the crate to protect it from possible damage during the journey.

We are pleased to be part of what Ed describes as ‘The Mastermind Group’ – “the vendors and suppliers that you trust. You know that when you need something you get:

1 - a brilliant service

2 – you get good value and

3 – they actually care about what you’re doing … as you care about what you’re doing.”

He then talks specifically about Gloucester Freight. “Genuinely if you have any freight forwarding requirements I have always found them to be exemplary. They are fantastic … they do exactly what it says on the tin and they care about your business.”

You can check out Ed’s extraordinary artwork at his Swarez Art website here:


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