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We like a challenge!

When we had a request from one of our customers in Moscow, to urgently ship a model car to Moscow in time for a special occasion, we knew we were up for the challenge.


The package: A limited edition scale model of the Mercedes Benz Sterling Moss used to win the Mille Miglia, signed by Sterling himself.

It was late on Friday evening, about 9:30pm, the team opened up the doors ready for the car to be delivered to us.

Everyone worked tirelessly over the weekend, we had a lot of jobs to do.

  • Remove the battery
  • Drain, flush and purge the fuel system
  • Extra paperwork

Everything had to be done with complete caution to ensure that the car would not be considered hazardous for shipment by airfreight.

All the extra paperwork was crucial to meeting the required deadline for our customer.

Monday came, the car was packed and rushed to the airport. We made special arrangements with Aeroflot to deliver directly to them. This ensured the car could go through security in order to make the deadline for the flight.

The real mystery remains, what was the special occasion? Who was the recipient of the car in Moscow? We were just given very strict instructions that it was VERY IMPORTANT.

Certainly was. Important enough that Aeroflot made room for the shipment.

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